The UK had the green most of the year for electricity”


The UK has reached its greenest year ever in terms of how the nation generates electricity, the National Grid figures reveal.

The rise of renewable energies helped to break 13 clean energy records in the year 2017.

In June, for the first time, wind, nuclear and solar energy the UK generates power as gas-and coal occur together.

The UK has carbon emissions in the electricity sector has been halved since 2012 to the fourth cleanest electricity in Europe and the seventh worldwide.

In April the United Kingdom had its first 24-hour period, without the use of coal since the Industrial Revolution.

The government is committed to the phasing out of unabated coal by 2025 as part of efforts to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, in line with the statutory obligations.

Separate results of power research group MyGridGB show that the renewable energy more electricity than coal for 90% in 2017, numbers up to 12. December show.

British wind farms produced more electricity than coal-fired power plants to more than 75% of the days in this year.

This changing landscape saw the cost of offshore wind energy fall below the price of nuclear energy for the first time.’Dangerously exposed’

But despite the successes, the groups warned that the Kingdom must now be the dependency of gas to address, if it aims to fulfil its emission.

The daily output of gas was.overtaken by the wind in only two days of the year

Renewable energies – including wind, solar, biomass and hydropower – beat fossil fuels for only 23 days in the year.

Dr. Andrew Crossland of MyGridGB and Durham energy Institute, said: “The government is focused on reducing the use of coal, which now supplies less than 7% of our electricity.

“However, if we continue to gas at the rate that we do, then the UK will miss carbon targets, and dangerously exposed to supply and price risks in the international gas markets.”

He added that “updated state support for low-carbon alternatives” is now required in order to avoid “price and demand shocks for our heat and power supplies”.

Emma Pinchbeck, managing Director of industry body RenewableUK, called for “more courage” from the government.

You pushed onshore wind energy will be developed, to deal in the whole of the UK in an “ambitious sector with the off shore wind industry,” could help secure a “Golden age of renewable energies” in the year 2018.

An Energy Department spokesman said, was the United Kingdom to reduce emissions faster than any other G7 country – including the USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, and Canada.

He said the government plans to reduce carbon emissions over the 2020s while supporting the creation of well-paid jobs in the low-carbon sector.

“The UK is a world leader in clean growth,” he said.