The state office of public Prosecutor of Germany has accused the officer of the Bundeswehr in planning terrorist attacks

BERLIN, 12 Dec — RIA Novosti. German prosecutors brought charges against first Lieutenant of the German Bundeswehr Franco A. in the preparation of serious crimes against the state, as well as the theft, forgery and violation of the law on circulation of weapons and explosives.

“He planned from the nationalist belief in an unknown moment to attack high-ranking politicians and representatives of civil society, which, from the point of view of the accused, showed particularly active, friendly interest in respect of refugees,” — said in a statement made on Tuesday.

Charges were brought on 4 December at the higher regional court of Frankfurt am main.

In particular, Franco A. was going to attack the Minister of justice of Germany Heiko Maas, former Vice-President of the German Bundestag Claudia Roth, a civil activist and human rights activist Anetta Kahane. To implement their plan, he had four firearms, thousands of rounds, more than 50 grenades. Some of the weapons were stolen from military depots of the Bundeswehr.

In addition, Franco A. was illegally registered as refugees from Syria in the migration office of Germany, “to use this false identity to guide the investigation on the wrong track”, issuing attacks on politicians and public figures for “the radical-Islamist terrorist attacks carried out by refugees” that “would strengthen the sense of threat” in society in relation to arriving.

The investigation involved in the case, Franco A., Maximilian T. and Matias F. has not yet been completed, the statement of the Prosecutor General.

German law enforcement officers arrested in April this year, two officers of the Bundeswehr, including 28-year-old Lieutenant Franco A., they are suspected of preparing a terrorist attack from extreme right-wing beliefs.

Earlier it was reported that the apartment of a suspected accomplice, a student from Offenbach, were found ammunition, stolen from a military unit, and Franco A. shortly before his arrest acquired in Austria the gun. During the searches, investigators found the instructions on how to build a bomb, he told the weekly Spiegel. According to the investigation, Franco A. also illegally received the status of refugee in the migration service, posing as a native of Syria. German media speculated that this was done in order to obtain access to refugees for the terrorist attack.