In the Belarusian Church set Christmas Nativity scene with images of Syrian refugees

Moscow. 28 Dec. INTERFAX – IN the diocese of the most Holy Redeemer in the Belarusian city of Grodno has set a Christmas Nativity scene on background of reproductions with the image of Syrian refugees, wars, gleaming skyscrapers, casinos, and luxury cars.

“The idea flew in the air for a long time. This year, given all the tragic events, we decided to implement it. Because war has not stopped, the rich get richer, and at this very moment, Jesus comes to the earth, to all, rich and poor, and wants to change something”, – explained the creators of Nativity, quoted by the website of the TV channel “Belsat”.

In their opinion, this installation should remind believers of the world in which Christ is born today.

The newspaper reminds that this year the Pope urged the Christian believers to be merciful and to help the refugee families.