In Russian language was published the directory of who’s who in the Bible

Moscow. 27 Dec. INTERFAX – the publishing house “the Scribes” came the translation of the book of David Mandel’s “who’s Who in the Jewish Bible. From Avity to yaeli”.

“Each of our book is a brick in the building of Jewish knowledge. But there are small bricks, and there are huge blocks. This in all senses of the word big book, of course, lump. “Who’s who in the Jewish Bible” is not just an encyclopedia of all mentioned in the Tanakh characters. David Mandel made a real guide to the Book of books. Exciting, but solid. 1029 pages, but read in one breath,” he told the publication the speaker of the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia Borukh Gorin, who was quoted Wednesday by the press service of the FJC.

D. Mandel, the author of the software of research methods of biblical texts, the goal was to briefly describe each character of the Hebrew Bible based on the original text.

“Who’s who in the Jewish Bible” is a comprehensive biographical reference, containing over 3,000 roll-call of articles about the biblical patriarchs and matriarchs, the leaders and prophets, judges and kings, warriors and peacekeepers. The publication is designed for people with different levels of involvement in religion and simply those interested in Judaism. It was recognized as “Outstanding book of 2008” by the University Press Committee of the USA.