The Muslims established a centralized structure in the Moscow region

Moscow. 27 Dec. INTERFAX – Muslims of the Moscow region were United in muhtasibats meeting.

“We work with diligence, but in themselves, so ripe the actual importance of our enterprises in a single structure, and we ask you to support our request. This is the offer of the parishes we voiced at a recent meeting of the Presidium of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia”, – said in the appeal of imams Rakhmankulov Ramil, Aydar Valiullina and Ruslan yagafarova to the head of the spiritual Assembly of Albir Krganov the Majlis of the parishes of the Moscow region.

At the end of the Majlis was decided on the establishment of Muhtasibats meeting of Muslims of the Moscow region at the Spiritual gathering of Muslims of Russia.

The unanimous decision by the Imam-muhtasiba the new organization was elected Daoud mukhutdinov, Chairman of the organization became Timur Shamsutdinov, Deputy Magomed Gitinov.

The imams expressed their strong adherence to traditional Islam and willingness to follow the recognised madhhabs.

Also during the Congress noted the importance of strengthening inter-religious dialogue in the Moscow region and building a more effective level of religious-state relations.

Mukhutdinov D. was born in 1991 in Chelyabinsk region. From 2006 to 2011 he studied at the Russian Islamic University under tsdum of Russia at the faculty of theology. After graduation he was sent to Khabarovsk, where he was an assistant Imam and taught the basics of Islam.

From September 2011 to February 2012 worked at RDUM Chelyabinsk region as a teacher in a madrasah. In February 2012, sent to Tomsk province, to work as Imam-Khatib.

Since September 2012, in the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Moscow and Central region (the”Moscow Muftiyat”) worked as office assistant of the mufti and the Imam.