Which countries buying Ukrainian Christmas decorations

Most manufacturers of Christmas decorations is concentrated in the Western regions of Ukraine. According to market operators, the share of Ukrainian products in the domestic market is 25-30%.

In recent years, the majority of Christmas decorations produced in Ukraine are exported. This trend occurred for two reasons: Ukrainians to save on Christmas toys and go for cheap Chinese products.

Christmas toys of Ukrainian origin are sold in 25 countries. In 2016 the volume of exports of toys totaled $5.3 million, of which 63.3 per cent were sold in Europe. As in the previous year, the main buyers of Christmas decorations were Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland.

For the first 9 months of 2017 in the countries of the European Union, Ukrainian companies sent toys totaling $3.4 million, which is 71,57% of the total exports. This is higher than last year by 13.3% ($3 million). The main buyers were the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Switzerland.

Popular Ukrainian Christmas toys from European consumers caused by the ratio of price and quality.

Import goods of category “products for new year holidays” in 2016 amounted to $6.1 million Main supplier is China with a share of 98.1% ($6 million).

For the first 9 months of 2017 the volume of imports to Ukraine amounted to $2.7 million This difference in the volume of supply is due to seasonality — the largest volume of imports came in the November — December, which is not accounted for in the statistics of the current year. As in the previous year the imports for 9 months of 2017 is the Chinese products. The share of more expensive products from Europe in this period, had 3.9 percent.

Prices for toys depend on the diameter and material from which made toy (glass or plastic), as well as the complexity of the painting (handmade).

So Christmas balls with decorative painting with a diameter of 100 mm can be purchased from 90 to 200 UAH for a toy.

Distribution channels Christmas decorations today, a large number. They can be purchased in specialty shops decor, DIY stores, and other supermarkets, shopping malls, Internet stores, and also on the market.

Range of products depending on the distribution channel is different. For example, in the market, the most used are lower price of plastic products, while in organized retail are the products from glass.