The US state Department said concerns about the relationship between NABOO, HCP and SAP

Press Secretary, U.S. Department of State Heather Nauert said that the war of the Ukrainian anti-corruption agencies abovesaid between the leadership of the state Department doubts that the Ukrainian authorities strive to tackle corruption. This is stated in the statement published on the Department’s website.

“The failure of anti-corruption investigations at the highest level, the arrest of the agents, and the removal of sensitive documents to the NAB concern about Ukraine’s commitment to the fight against corruption. These actions appear as part of efforts to undermine an independent anti-corruption institutions, which are supported by the US and other countries”, – the document says.

It also indicates that such actions undermine the credibility of the Ukrainian people and the international community.

In connection with the above, the U.S. side urged all branches of power in Ukraine work together to eradicate corruption from public life.

Earlier it was reported that the NAB said the failure of the special operation on detection of corrupt practices at the immigration service after the arrest of an employee of the Bureau who was working undercover, attempting to give a bribe. The Prosecutor’s office responded with a statement that employees of the NABU could not provoke the official to bribe. After it became known that the GPU was searched and reported the suspected “agent Catherine”. Earlier video in which she published in confirmation of the involvement of Rosenblatt and Polyakov to “amber case”. In addition, the Prosecutor’s office said that “agents of NABOO” appointed without competition, so they operate illegally. In the anti-corruption Bureau claim that the agents chose according to the results of the competition, but the documents are classified. Today, December 5, in the Verkhovna Rada should be held on a closed part of the meeting at which the deputies will hear the leaders of NABOO, SAP, GPU and SBU.