Christmas for everyone

In Los Angeles hosted the Christmas celebrations for children from families without a home. The festival was organized with donations.

The dreams of little Marie, who lives with his parents on the street, Santa Claus is unlikely to fulfill. Desire the intangible. Marie wants not to live more on the street and that her life became better. She would like to unite people, not fought with each other.

Christmas celebrations in the street, SKIDROW, which is home to thousands of homeless, shelter LA Mission arranges annually. Here and festive dinner (this year, volunteers have served 3.5 thousand portions), and a fairy Princess and of course Santa Claus. Even the young volunteers assured before the tale are all equal.

Robert Kristan, volunteer, says, “It’s the holidays and I wish everyone received gifts and were happy.”

Without a gift from the festival did not leave any one child. All the toys were purchased with donations. The ability to see fairy tale characters for these children is also a miracle.

Except for children of the homeless, this tree usually come and low-income families who either live in LA Mission, or in social housing. And at New year they, like everyone, make a wish.

Miguel Spoiled, for example, wants to be a fireman or football player or doctor. The boy realizes that he needs to learn, practice and be an excellent student.

Jason Ora says that “wants to be a lawyer, grow and become rich. And to help his family. And live a normal life.” And he also wants to learn.

Five hundred volunteers tried to create a festive atmosphere for all who came to the Christmas festivities. And most of all tried it children the volunteers. Vonel Kristen, who worked as a volunteer at the festival, believes: “We should feel gratitude for what we have. These people suffer because they lack the necessary things for life that we elementary. Their life is very heavy, we were more fortunate than them.”