Winter comes suddenly descended: the city stands in traffic – map

Today, December 18, at 10:15 capital partially gridlocked because of the morning snowfall and blizzards, which did not stop until now. This can be judged according to map traffic from the Google search engine.

The main transport lived in Kiev from the West and Victory Avenue, downloaded from the metro station Zhytomyrska metro station. “Toffee”, the riverside road, prospect Bazhana, Leo Tolstoy, Teligi and Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard.

Traditionally stand in traffic jams, the bridge, Metro, South and Moscow, as well as the Paton bridge.

The same is observed on the Ring road from Borschagivka to Attics.

Click below to see a map on a larger scale:

Kiev city administration claims that the elimination of consequences of snowfall left about 450 snow machines and about four thousand employees of public utilities.

The city authorities, which in the morning has limited the entrance to Kiev of heavy vehicles, asking drivers to enjoy today and in the days of snow and public transport.

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