The millionaire began to distribute the condition, realizing that he had too much money

MOSCOW, 17 Dec — RIA Novosti. An unknown millionaire, who earned bitcoins on the state, decided to donate a significant portion to charitable organizations. It is reported portal Gizmondo.

For donations, he founded a special Fund Fund Pineapple (“Pineapple Fund”). The project aims to give 86 million dollars, the resulting growth rate cryptocurrency to charity.

Gizmondo quoted the millionaire anonymous.

“Once at the dawn of bitcoin I could see a future in decentralized money and decided to start mine/buy/sell magic online-tokens. Years later I received from bitcoin profit, surpassing all my expectations, and I made a lot more money than I can spend. What do you do when you have more money than you can spend? I give most of it to charity,” said he.

The founder of the Pineapple Fund argues that preserves anonymity because the Fund was not created for the sake of publicity. To apply for a donation to any charitable institution, but preference will be given to registered non-profit organizations. Assistance to individuals the Foundation does.

According to the website of Pineapple Fund, the millionaire has already helped eight different organizations for a total of about six and a half million dollars. Among nonprofit organizations that received donations from the Fund are such as The Water Project (supplies drinking water to places where it is there are shortages), Watsi (deals with problems of access to the health care system), BitGive (improves public health and the environment throughout the world using bitcoin and blockchain technology).
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