Members of public organizations in Odessa exchanged mutual accusations

Several public organizations of Odessa made a loud statement with the accusations, the “southern courier”. In particular the “Street front” led by Damian Anulom not found a common language with Sergey Sternenko and activists “Prosecutorial independence”.

So, according to the organization “Street front”, members of “Prosecutorial independence” engaged in self-promotion and the solution of their personal problems, but not the protection of the city. This is stated in the official statement of the organization.

Amid loud “official statements” one of active participants of “Prosecutorial independence” and, in fact, the main reason for its occurrence – the former head of Odessa “Right sector” Sergey Sternenko demanded from the “Street front” and personally its leader Damian Hanula the money allegedly deposited as collateral for Ganola. Sternenko declared that Hanul owe him 5 thousand hryvnias for release. This amount came from funds raised by the activists bail for the Sternenko, which was paid by the head of regional administration Maxim Stepanov, the newspaper reports.

In turn, the activist of the organization “Green leaf” Svetlana Podpaly in social networks accused of Sternenko in actual collaboration with the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov. “Actually Sternenko helped Trukhanov to confuse public opinion on the situation with a summer theatre. Very helpful, I can not even imagine to do without it”, – quotes the activist of the “southern courier”.

The organizers of the “Prosecutorial independence”, in turn, accused the “Street front” in the “work” on Trukhanov and Zhuchenko.