Will the hot broth from the creators, imitators and followers — weather media-world for the next 25 years

In 2017 the world has started a global phase transition in a new condition. Globality is that no one can live in the old way, and the media including. As always, in cases of phase transitions predictions unreliable, so don’t take it too seriously. What we see in classic media?

Let’s examine the global media field activities as of 2017. It is globally. In Honduras if something happened, you would report this, even if you don’t know where Honduras is. Moreover, if you consider the balance between news from faraway places and close to you, you will find that it is broken in favor of the distant. Globalism today’s media wing of information and removes us from near and brings with a remote. It hysterically. Whatever happens, it will be filed in an apocalyptic scale. I.e. in gradations between “awful” and “end of the world” (“Apocalypse”). And I understand why — a phase transition is the end of the world phase, where transferred, and the birth of a new light for the phase in which you go. It is irrational. In other terms the mystical, the paranormal and the esoteric. Everything that happens is interpreted based on the riddles, conspiracy, intelligence, secret Orders, and reptilians. It is post-truth. Word 2016, according to the Oxford dictionary, as it is impossible accurately describes the operating model of today’s media. From it seized true. Instead of truth offers a point of view. It is very profitable. The truth sometimes takes a long time to search (cost), and its presentation is frustratingly boring: “Politician X has a business relationship with the businessman Y”. Or: “the dollar has changed in X time. Mr NB was enriched by Y%”. In the case of point of view, costs are drastically reduced and the text becomes much more interesting: “According to expert 1, the attack on policy X ordered people from an environment of the businessman Z. And expert 2 I am convinced that this is the conservative wing of the democratic party of Uganda. And now we ask the experts 3, 4 and 5”.

What it led to? The media has lost its main asset — reputation. With a reputation there is an amusing indistinctness, which are worth clarifying. Why it is considered that reputation is the proportion of respondents to the question: “do you Trust the publication of V?” No. Reputation is the trust of the people with his own reputation.

When the media has no reputation of any person, including Donald trump, you can make a sponge duck and say “Fake news” for no reason.

And people with a reputation start looking for other distribution channels. What we see in classic media?

We don’t see powerful new TV channels. HBO appeared in 1972. CNN in 1980. Sky in 1990. Fox News in 1996. And even Al Jazeera in the same 1996.

But in 2005 there was Youtube, which was sold to Google in 2006. In 2006, Amazon has established a Amazon Video. In the same 2007 start Hulu.

Finally, in 2007, Netflix started streaming video content. In 2013 he started his own film and video production. In 2018 it will reach 50% share of original content in their directories.

We do not see growth of advertising in the press. More precisely, global advertising spending on this segment is compressed.

But the press learns to earn money directly from readers. And as the examples successfully.

New York Times lost 20% of revenues from advertising in the paper edition, but the increased revenue from digital subscriptions by 46% to $86 million. Republic.ru a subscription Meduza.io for native advertising, etc., etc. What is common in these observations?

The main trend is the reduction in distance between the product manufacturer and the consumer.

The distance is reduced in both directions.

If you produce a movie or an article, your user can get to them. Global hypermarket shelf of videos and articles is at the distance of few clicks.

If you want to consume a movie or an article, you pay. And payment anywhere in the world now is not a problem.

And here marketers all around the world start gleefully rubbing their hands. OK, media folks, you guessed three letters in 4P — the main spell of marketing: you have the 1P — product, you have selected 2P — price and even found a 3P — sales channels. What will you do with the fourth P, promotion? As a consumer will find you in the endless hypermarket entertainment? And if you can settle with all P&L?

It’s very difficult at the scale of large media corporations where journalists and creators continue to believe that sales business hlopskih and sales departments should be in the basement.

But it is very easy to scale a single person or a small team. Therefore, we are witnessing an explosion of the phenomenon of bloggers. He came up, he did, tracked the reaction of his audience, drew conclusions, came up with new content. If the audience grows, so grows the reputation. And now the producers are starting to ask to consider their product in the next release. Where else life?

When the media ceased to satisfy the growing information needs of the people on stage were the messengers. Messenger is the answer to the main need of the day — how to do your job and be sure that you don’t miss important and will not receive the unimportant.

This is what Marc Pritchard, CBO P&G, recently named mass one-to-one. To paraphrase: the means of mass communication between people.

When the followers (subscription) you like (raise your symbolic capital) and serat (actually pay you as place free is you into their personal media), you are done.

When they break the links with you, your media — things are bad. And now the forecast for the next 25 years

In the new phase will be the hot broth from the creators, imitators and followers, creating a wave of hype around certain pieces of content. Old media will try to integrate into the process, but they are too hard and too cold, so will be melted like a snowman in the April sunshine.

Gradually a new phase will be the main and begin to cool. The broth will begin to crystallize leaders appears fractal structure, there is a procedure to slow down innovation, and you can safely retire, which will not.

An important factor that will influence the process, will be the artificial intelligence. Virtual assistants will take on a significant share of search and filter content that will be a powerful accelerator of the process. What to do right now?

Get back to basics. Look your fears in the eye. Activities blog, youtube channel or telegram and try to survive with him. No money. Ask yourself the bar for subscribers or views and try to achieve this figure. From this adventure You will leave other people. People 2025.

Goodbye arranged in a quote from Martha Stewart:

“My episode about Ratatouille with chef Daniel Boulud on FacebookLive cost $9 000. This is nothing compared to a regular TV show. And watching it was almost the same. It’s delicious.

Everything was shot on the iPhone 6 Plus. Without editing. And of Daniel’s friends from around the world the next day called and said, “We saw you on TV””

Martha Stewart, 76 years old, it costs $300 million and is not afraid to experiment. What to be afraid of others?