The founder of financial pyramid MMM has announced the restart of its cryptocurrency

The founder of the financial pyramid MMM Sergei Mavrodi has announced the restart of its cryptocurrency Mavro, explaining the decision an unprecedented growth rate of bitcoin. It is reported by the Billboard daily.

The entrepreneur has created a website on which there is a countdown before the introduction of the new version of cryptocurrency in circulation. “The time for change has come! We can do a lot! Financial Apocalypse is inevitable!” — the inscription on the main page. At the time of this writing, to run Mavro remained seven days and 14 hours, that is, the system must earn 30 Dec.

In his Twitter Mavrodi has offered to replace the supposedly outdated cryptocurrency “the new Mavro”, which is based on the Ethereum platform. The Creator of the MMM calls to get rid of the previous version of cryptocurrency for 50 cents apiece. Although initially the rate of Mavro was $1.