Louise Spiteri-Ahern: Guilty of murdering ex-lover, bikie Ray Pasnin

Louise Spiteri-Ahern, 27, was found guilty of execution style murder in the NSW Supreme Court.

She fought against the tears after the verdict was read in court and told a supporter in the public gallery not to cry.

The “bitterly angry” and “obsessed” Sydney woman boasted of organizing the murder of Rebels bikie Raymond Pasnin saying: “he is dead. He was gunned down. I have organized,” his trial heard.

Mr Pasnin, 27, was shot dead on the night of October 30, 2013.

After leaving his mother’s Pendle Hill home in western Sydney with his girlfriend, a man emerged from the darkness with a gun and shot Mr Pasnin.

Ms Spiteri-Ahern paid pitcher Daniel Haile $4000, just months after she supposedly had the hope that they would reconcile.

On Thursday, the new south WALES Supreme Court Justice Stephen Rothman found Spiteri-Ahern guilty of murder after a month-long judge-alone trial.

Louise Spiteri-Ahern (above) fought against the tears after being found guilty of murdering his ex-lover, bikie Ray Pasnin in 2013.

The police in the Pendle Hill, the scene of the crime after Ray Pasnin the murder in October of 2013. Picture: Bill Hearne

But he found another former lover of Mr Pasnin, April Barber, 30, not guilty of being an accessory before the fact for the murder.

Amin Zraika, a couple of Ms Barber at the time of Mr Pasnin of the murder, was found not guilty of concealing a serious offence.

A bitterly angry Spiteri-Ahern had a difficult relationship with the Lord Pasnin, in accordance with a Crown opening statement of a public tender during the trial.

Mr Pasnin had spent time in jail in 2013 after she accused him of stabbing in the leg, which argues that it was not true.

Spiteri-Ahern sent letters in jail that revealed her obsession with him and that she expected to gather at the time of its release, the statement said.

It was alleged that she was motivated by “the anger, the possessiveness, the jealousy, the hatred and revenge” to ask the Lord Pasnin of the shot.

Not guilty: April Barber. Photo: Ben Rushton

Not guilty: Amin Zraika. Photo: Ben Rushton

Justice Rothman said Thursday Spiteri-Ahern was a reason that he expressed great animosity towards your ex.

Evidence during the trial that Spiteri-Ahern had confessed to organizing the murder, while smoking ice with another woman who he had met at a drug rehabilitation center in Sydney.

The woman told the court Spiteri-Ahern said, “that was because I was shot” and “I organised”.

She supposedly said that it was “as a” drive-by “shooting,” and had been carried out by “a friend of the gang”.

In a phone call between the woman and Spiteri-Ahern played during the trial, Spiteri-Ahern, he says, “is dead. Did you hear about this? It was in the news,” and then mentions the “Pendle Hill shooting”.

Spiteri-Ahern will face a sentence hearing in April 2018.

Daniel Haile has already been convicted in the shooting and was sentenced in the year 2016 at least 24 years in jail.