At the entrance to Kiev tube: trucks second day of the block travel

On the outskirts of Kiev from the Shepherds in the direction of Odessa truck blocking the road, they are even on the oncoming traffic. According, the big stopper was formed. The movement paralyzed.At the entrance to Kiev from Boryspil and Buchi (on varshavke) kilometer queue of trucks in two rows. To travel open only one lane, so on the roads – traffic jams, reports TSN. Operational Kiev said that on the Zhytomyr highway, in Kiev as big toffee.

Earlier, the Kyiv city state administration reported that the utility did not have time to clean the streets due to heavy snowfall. Mayor Vitali Klitschko on the night of December 19, watched this process. “For the last day fell nearly half month norm of precipitation, so the situation is difficult,“ he said.

In connection with bad weather on December 19 for buses, trolleybuses, trams introduced operational position No. 3 – cruising without a schedule. This was reported in KP Kyivpastrans. Kiev urged to temporarily abandon personal transport. Cars parked in violation of the rules will be evacuated.

We will remind, on December 18 in Kiev cork reached 10 points.


The police on 19 December decided to lift restrictions on entry and departure to Kiev. Thus in Zhytomyr region from 9:30 banned movement of trucks on the highway Kyiv-Chop.