To win travel super yachts sets sail

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A new marketing Offensive was launched, important super yachts on the West coast of Scotland.

The coast line route was added, a European-funded project called the Cool Route, the development of a new yacht-cruising.

It includes the coasts of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, the Faroe Islands and Norway.

Part of the strategy is to help remote businesses in Scotland £3.7 bn marine tourism industry.

The Moffat centre at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU), what a cool Route-partner with the marketing of the west coast is one of the most attractive cruise destinations in the world.

It is the provision of logistical, economic, operating, and marketing-to help support, increase the number of ships visiting in Scotland, and to bring wealthy tourists to the country.

A brochure targeting super-yachts was produced and small businesses are invited to register free of charge and on an online platform, which aims to link local businesses to their ports.

There is also information on the is, what is available in terms of entertainment and places to.

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Some super were the yachts discovered in Scotland in the last few years.

A yacht owned by US billionaire Richard DeVos to see was that in Greenock this summer, during a 163.5 m ship owned by Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich, was observed in Inverclyde and Rothesay in the year 2015.

Giancarlo Fedeli, principal investigator for the cool Route at the Glasgow Caledonian University, said: “A certain part of the project, the goal of super yachts and a lot of marketing activities is the target on this particular segment. There are higher expenditures.

“We aim at small and medium-sized enterprises and to try, you are not involved in the booking website, so that visitors will consider using your services.

“It is important to communicate to all marine operators, and in addition, can bring the advantages of the Cooling route in terms of visibility and market presence.”

Researchers from GCU, in partnership with the UK Marine Scotland, have workshops with marine operators in Oban and have the hosts of an event for the local businesses in Largs Yacht Haven.

The Scottish leg of the Cool-the Route is divided into four sections: Argyll and the Islands, Firth of Clyde, Isle of Skye and the North-West and the Orkney and the Shetland Islands.

Led by Cork Institute of Technology, the 1.26 million euro Cooling Route project was funded by the Northern periphery and Arctic programme, the appropriations for the TRANS-national cooperation projects in the Northern periphery and the Arctic.