Petersburg the Deputy read out a rap about the Bulk

The Deputy of Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Andrei Anokhin has read a rap dedicated to not come to battle opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The text posted on the website of MP in Facebook on Wednesday, December 20. Video of the event available on YouTube.

Since the opposition did not come, the MP rap, addressing a cardboard box, on which hung a photo of the opponent:

“The void to hide under the packaging loudWith ball and ribbon — his reception of the crown. Here it is, here is a reference sample, So he’s not Alexei Navalny, Alexei he’s Cardboard!”

On the eve on his page in Facebook Anokhin said that caused Bulk to a verbal duel through its official headquarters in St. Petersburg six weeks ago. In addition, according to him, the announcement of the event published in the media.

“Navalny and his staffs are not watching a mention in the media? A complete lie and a provocation, a double standard. He States that nobody goes with him on the dialogue, and when you give a platform and invite to the event — hides the head,” protested St. Petersburg lawmaker.

He also said that a month and a half preparing for the meeting, wrote the lyrics, was looking for a platform. “To escape, Bulk, fail. Your essence revealed. Today, Peter will give you the answer. Enough to fool the youth and children,” he concluded.

The theme of the rap battles in the Russian media began to gain popularity after appearing on the network in August, recording the battle rappers of Oxymoron (Miron Fedorov) and Glory of the CPSU (also known as the Purulent and Thank Karelin).

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