Pence has postponed a visit to the middle East for a vote on taxes in the Senate

Visit of the Vice-President to Egypt and Israel moved to mid-January

Vice-President Mike Pence has postponed a visit to the middle East, said in the White house.

The decision was made on the backdrop of the approaching crucial vote on tax reform in Congress and the outrage that caused in the region of the change of Washington’s policy on Jerusalem.

A trip to Egypt and Israel, which was to begin Tuesday, was rescheduled for mid-January, which will allow the Pens to remain in Washington in case he’ll need exercise a casting vote in the Senate in favor of the tax reform proposed by President Donald trump.

“With the vote on taxes is all very well, but we absolutely do not want to risk,” said a senior administration official.

The return of Senator John McCain home in Arizona to fight the cancer left Republicans with a minimal advantage to bring the bill to the finish line.