Kaspersky complains to US over spying claims

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The Russian software security company Kaspersky Lab has products filed a lawsuit against the Trump-administration over a ban on their anti-virus.

It is the latest move by the company to disprove allegations that it is vulnerable to Kremlin influence.

Kaspersky says that in the US it is deprived of “due process” rights by the prohibition of the software by the authorities.

The company has always left again denied to a government, and says it would never keep track of cyber-espionage.

The company’s founder, Eugene Kaspersky, said in a tweet on Monday: “We are securing rights through the courts”.

In September, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) told the US to remove authorities, Kaspersky Lab from their computer networks within 90 days.

The order came amid growing concern in the United States, that Kaspersky’s software could help the Russian espionage and threatening national security.

The ban was written into law last week, as President Donald Trump signed legislation to ban the use of Kaspersky Lab uses, the civilian and military authorities.

At the end of the Twitter post by @e_kaspersky

In an open letter to the Department of Homeland Security published on Monday, Mr Kaspersky, the DHS criticized.

He said that it “has damaged Kaspersky Lab’s reputation and its commercial operations, without any evidence for a failure of organization”.

The lawsuit alleges that the government appointed largely on you, unsubstantiated media reports as evidence in a review of Kaspersky software. It is the court asking to lift the ban and explain that the Russian companies, the products do not pose a threat to the security of US government Computer.

In October, Kaspersky offered to submit the source code for its software to independent bodies could, in order to check.

U.S. officials have said that the step while welcome, would not be sufficient.

Earlier this month, the BBC security correspondent, Gordon Corera is known that the British government had issued a fresh warning about the security risks associated with the use of Russian anti-virus software.

He said the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre was writing to all government departments, warning against the use of the products for the systems in the context of national security.

The Kaspersky lawsuit was filed in U.S. district court for the District of Columbia.