Kosachev commented on the statement of the Iraq authorities on the victory of the IG*

MOSCOW, 9 Dec — RIA Novosti. The statement of the Iraq authorities on the victory over IG group* similar to the “response” of the USA for the success of the government troops with the support of videoconferencing in combating the terrorists in Syria, the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

“The news that the Iraqi government ended the war with ISIS* and control the Iraqi-Syrian border, of course, could be classified as positive. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadan announced “the end of the war against ISIS”* in Iraq,” — said Kosachev RIA Novosti on Saturday.

According to the Senator, I want to believe and sincerely wish the long-suffering people of Iraq, that it really was the point in the war with a formidable enemy, who three years ago kept under the control of a third of the country.

“However, it all smacks of “payback” Americans, not sparkling performance of its counter-terrorism efforts in Iraq, the real result of anti-terrorist operation of the Russian space forces in Syria,” — said Kosachev.

In addition, while IG* not to be completely defeated, the threat to all States in the region one way or another will continue, said the politician. “So you need to assess the situation in General and, in particular, to remember that the Syrian army with the support of the mentioned Russian space forces and Kurdish troops made their way to the border on the other side,” said the legislator.

“Washington also congratulated “the Iraqi people and the brave Iraqi security forces”, about the achievements of Syrians are either silent or blames the use of prohibited methods of war”, — said Kosachev. This approach, he said, could be seen earlier in the estimates the Second world war, where the decisive role of the USSR in the defeat of the common enemy in the West, it is customary to downplay or even hide behind the thesis of “equal responsibility” of the USSR and Germany in the war.

“But we, of course, let us not be like the bad examples and sincerely congratulate Iraq and all the forces that strike at terrorists,” he concluded.

* Banned in Russia as a terrorist organization