In the center of Kiev the staff of the pizzeria beat their visitors

On Saturday, December 16, at city pizzeria SoloPizza was a conflict between the Director of facilities and visitors (two girls and a guy). Management began to shout at young people, and following along with the waiters drove guests to the street. It is reported by the Informant.

The staff of the pizzeria didn’t stop, they began to beat the company in front of taxi drivers. The latter called the police. In response, the staff hid in the room.

As the victim told the guy he was protecting his wife from the management of the pizzeria and its employees. According to him, the conflict in the beginning of the administration and for some strange reason, he attacked them inside a shop. The guy said that the account they paid.

Earlier in Odessa just from the Parking lot of the shopping center was kidnapped 17-year-old boy. Three foreigners kidnapped person in order to improve their financial situation.