Trump will present the first national security strategy

The President of the United States on Monday called the main threat to America

The US President Donald trump on Monday will present a strategy to combat the principal, according to White house threats to the United States of America.

Advisor to the President for national security Herbert McMaster, speaking at a conference organised by the London research centre Policy Exchange, has published some details of the strategy.

“Geopolitics is back and today she takes revenge on us,” said McMaster.

According to him, the policy of President trump, is based on four main priorities: the protection, promotion and preservation of the prosperity of the United States, the maintenance of peace through show of force and the extension of influence of the United States.

Advisor to the President stated that the main threats to the United States “revisionist powers” such as Russia and China that seek to undermine global order and stability, as well as “rogue regimes” such as North Korea and Iran.

Russia threatens the US “so-called war of the new generation”, which includes a propaganda campaign aimed “to split our society.” While McMaster did not mention the attempts of Moscow to intervene in the election campaign of 2016.

He also said that “economic aggression,” China threat that “experiences based on generally accepted rules of economic order that allowed hundreds of millions of people bid farewell to poverty”. Advisor to the President said that the threats from Russia and China is possible, using the “competitive edge” idea, which States that the prosperity of America is one of the main national interesov.

He also stressed that the discussion of trade agreements is one of the main components of national security strategy.

“The US and Britain cannot serve as the main sources for the preservation of peace and stability in the world, if we will not support its own economic and financial security,” said Herbert McMaster.

Among the other threats he called “Islamic state” and other terrorist groups.

Referring to the issue of North Korea, Advisor to the President of the United States urged the international community to take action beyond the resolutions of the UN Security Council, saying that “this may be our last chance to prevent a military conflict”.

Russian service “voice of America” reports:

Speaking Saturday in the weekly address to the nation, President Donald trump also mentioned as threats to national security, the so-called “chain migration”, urging to change the immigration system by introducing new rules for obtaining permanent resident status in the United States. Also the head of the White house considers it necessary to tighten the rules check for potential immigrants.