These are not the spoilers you are looking for


Spoiler alert: The last Star Wars movie features a 7-foot Ewok and cameos of Kirk, Spock, Scotty and Bones.

At least, if social media is to be believed.

Star Wars: the Last of The Jedi had its European premiere on Monday, and was released in the uk today, with some people promising to stay away from social media to avoid plot spoiled ahead of watching the movie.

But some users of Twitter might have made it easier to dodge any drafts flooding the social networks with make-believe spoilers of its own.

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This includes Daniel Carlson who tweeted a laundry list of so-called spoilers, including what he called a “bold” choice of end credits music.

Image Copyright @danielwcarlson

Your post inspired many others, and one of the biggest stars in the movie of the series is joined to the joke.

Image Copyright @HamillHimself

Another user suggested a 7 ft 3 in (2.2 m) basketball star cameo as an Ewok “seemed off”, while some may have been a bit confused with a different ‘Star’ of the franchise, or Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe (famous for scenes of credit).

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A person that you are referring to the reaction in social media for Disney-Pixar film of Coconut, which was preceded in the united States with a 20 minutes of the movie with Olaf from Frozen.

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Although Star Wars producer Kathleen Kennedy previously announced Jar Jar Binks, who appeared for the first time in The Phantom Menace in 1999, do not appear in The Force Awakens, a look at The Last Jedi was not ruled out.

And at least one person to the recasting of the role with Ryan Reynolds, star of Deadpool and Green Lantern.

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As the moon

Meanwhile, a group of people who do not have to wait so long for the film as first thought, are the astronauts aboard the International Space Station, where Nasa plans to send a copy of the film.

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And with the ISS internet speeds worse than dial-up”, according to retired astronaut Scott Kelly, the astronauts of the Expedition 53 may have to avoid social media for some time to remain completely spoiler-free.

By Tom Gerken, UGC and Social News