Real Madrid – Gremio: Today will be a club world Cup final

Real Madrid – Gremio. In the final international tournament they will meet with the Brazilian club. Online broadcast of the match real Madrid – Gremio will start on at 18:30.

16 December, 19:00Abu Dhabi, “Sheikh Zayed”Club world Cup finalReal Madrid – Gremio

FIFA spends his long time club world champion. Because of the low competition in the tournament, to be interested enough. However, to meet and to wrestle with the top teams in Europe and South America, many want. Not everyone turns to battle, but to get a chance nice.

“Real” in the case of today’s victory will catch up with Barcelona’s titles in the tournament. Now the Catalans three club world Cup, real Madrid two.

“Gremio” and “real” connected to the world club championship in the semi-finals. Madrid have coped with al-Casseroll” from the UAE, and “Gremio” beat the Mexican “Pachuca”. Real Madrid should be careful, because next weekend the wards Zidane is waiting for the first El Classico of the season.

The head coach of Gremio, Renato Gaucho:

“The current generation is basically equal to real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo. The current generation has not seen how I acted. If you talk to those who are older and have seen my game, you can be sure that they have a different opinion. Would like to see how Ronaldo would have won Championships with those teams for which I played, and also in conditions when the us three-four months without pay… I would like to play in today’s “Real world,” to speak once a week on good pitches and with such brutal partners. Ronaldo is a beast. Great player, works hard on the physics, but he is not.”

Forecast bookmakers:

William Hill: the victory of real Madrid are 1.30, the draw 4.75, victory Gremio – 8.50188Bet: win real Madrid – 1.29, draw 5.80, victory Gremio – 9.50

Forecast 2:0