Vodafone offers thousands of early exit

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Thousands of Vodafone customers will be able to end their contracts after the start of the UK’s communication regulator have raised concerns about the new rates.

In the month of April, Vodafone has introduced new international roaming charges to 60 countries outside of the European Union, and has told customers via text message.

Ofcom said it had “intervened” because it had “concerns about the clarity of the message of the text.”

In a statement, Vodafone said that its customers “like” its products.

Vodafone Roam Further charges, introduced in 2017, means that customers with a monthly contract charged at a flat rate of € 6 per day to use their phone in 60 countries, including the UNITED states, Canada and Russia.

The changes mean customers will be charged the flat £6 fee, even only in the case of sending a text message.

Previously, customers were charged for their use, and taxes varies from country to country.’Bill shock’

Ofcom considered that the light users would be more interested in the change, because “it is not possible to send text messages, make calls or use data on a ‘pay-per-use “basis””.

Mobile networks shall give the customer 30 days notice of any contractual changes are likely to be of “material damage”, and must let customers end their contracts without penalty if they do not agree to the changes.

Some customers had complained and Ofcom said it was concerned that Vodafone’s communication had not been clear.

He said that right to exit must be provided with information “in the main body of the text or e-mail”, rather than linking to a separate page as Vodafone had done.

In response to Ofcom’s concerns, Vodafone has sent another message to customers and gave them a further period of 30 days to leave their contract.

He said that he had identified the 55,000 customers who were likely to face “material damage” as a result of the introduction of new taxes.

In a statement, Vodafone said Wander Further to “remove the fear of bill shock.”

“We have taken on board Ofcom’s view on the notifications and they will be sure to follow them,” he said.