The head of “uz” is struggling with stealing, but can’t imagine its volume

Acting head of “Railways” in an interview with the “Economic truth,” designated “areas in the fight against theft, inefficiency and undue influence policy.”

“Large level — procurement and related matters. Next time — we have abandoned the practice of raising prices on contracts for delivery of diesel. Also a large amount of theft in the freight and passenger traffic”, – said the temporary head of the OUSE, but doubted that the scale of the theft is estimated in billions.

Earlier, the former first Deputy Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Shulmeyster was evaluated corruption at the UZ at the level of 2 billion US dollars per year, and the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian was talking about 15 billion UAH per year. “I can’t imagine that was the amount of theft and inefficiency”, – said Kravtsov.

In addition, Vladimir Omelian previously reported carrying out 50 searches in cases of corruption in UZ. “Suspected citizens Dubnevichi, Mikhalchuk, Kostyuk and another fun hop-the company”, — he wrote on his page in Facebook. At the same time Kravtsov in an interview with the EP said that he knew nothing about open criminal cases against the present managers of the BONDS.

Evgeny Kravtsov denies that was coordinated to the post of the head of the transport Committee Yaroslav dubnevich, which is associated with corruption in the procurement of the BONDS. “You have to understand that Yaroslav Dubnevich is the head of the transport Committee, Bogdan Dubnevich — the Committee on budget of the Verkhovna Rada. It is the bodies that formally have the tools needed in terms of queries interaction with ULTRASOUND. So, to say that the company is completely loose to them,” – said Kravtsov the influence of brothers Dubravica railway monopoly.