Fight a member of the British McDonald’s with a visitor caught on video

MOSCOW, 8 Dec — RIA Novosti. The Network has got video of the fight and an employee of fast food chain McDonald’s in Liverpool with a visitor who was demanding chicken nuggets for Breakfast, reports the Daily Mail.

The incident occurred early in the morning, when the regular menu has been replaced with a special offer for Breakfast. Most of the traditional positions of restaurant morning menu is not included.

According to eyewitnesses, the visitor first ordered the nuggets, but he explained that they are not. Then he asked for bacon, but his menu didn’t appear.

What happened next is not entirely clear. 26-second video, which was shot on a smartphone camera by another visitor, it is seen that the employee of the fast food beats a man with his head in the chest. He is not giving up and trying to knock off the opponent’s points.

In fights McDonald’s worker loses antlers and Christmas paraphernalia. The fighters try to break up the young woman and another employee of the network. Then the video ends.

McDonald’s representatives told reporters that they conduct an internal investigation. The employee was suspended from duties.