Land Rover Defender re-invented, for 2019

Land Rover is the defender of his 70-year 2018 as the heart of the DC100, always 90in and 110V wheelbase new, the company returned to the drawing Board.

However, a larger reason for the delay is the difficulty in developing a viable business plan for the model. Sale of the old Defender never rose above 20,000 units per year in later years, and more than 100,000 annual revenue required to make it viable this year.

Land Rover has made the right decision with the new defender?

To this purpose, first launch-plans for a reborn Defender Center on two different wheelbases, both of which will be Test and two different both spotted. The famous annual celebration in the year 2018, the plans for a reborn Defender, which will go on sale in 2019.

It has been almost two years now that the defender went out of production – 67 years after the original Land Rover Series I it is derived is entered from it – and it was a wall of silence around the company’s plans to introduce a replacement.

However, Autocar can reveal that the new Defender, which is under the code name L 663, will eventually be shown, at the end of the Land-Rover-s 70-years-anniversary celebrations – and the model revealed the final production car, not a concept.

Land Rover is now careful to unveil concept cars for the fear of the design is plagiarised, so it has decided against early taste of the defender.

The company did not begin to show that the family of the DC100 concepts in the year 2011, said at the time, to preview a low-cost of new defender in 2015. But the reaction was against the old Defender 90 and Defender 110 your name will also inspire the naming strategy, the new model will be built on a version of a Jaguar-Land-Rover-aluminum-architectures.

These wheelbases house for both hard-top and soft – top bodystyle options for the new car, which are currently experimenting with this in the Land Rover design studio. A final series of Defender models may be a pick-up and a line-up of the various versions and trims ranging from the more civilized everyday life of the most hardcore, as well as the premium and performance varieties, with an eye on the continued success of the Mercedes-Benz G-wagon.

Yes, Land Rover has long declared that the defender is not just a car, but one of the three pillars of its entire business. The other two are the Range Rover and Discovery series models.

The new Defender will be tempered on the basis of a joint Jaguar-Land-Rover-architecture, a-up version of the D7u Foundation used on the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Discovery models. This will allow it to possible economies of scale in production, that the old model never reaches, as well as the opportunity for a range of petrol and diesel engines from JLR’s Ingenium line-up will be offered.

It also means that the model can be sold in the United States and Canada, the Defender was able to, because it does not meet crash safety regulations.

Although the DC100 concept, the bot has no information on the final design of the new Defender, the recent discovery of the SVX at the IAA in Frankfurt – not so much in the specific design characteristics, but in terms of execution. Land Rover design boss Gerry McGovern describes the execution of the discovery SVX-design as “premium durability”. By this, he meant the fact that its toughness does not need to be displayed traditionally open off-road features, such as snorkeling and great rows of spotlights.

The term “premium durability’ has also provided the impetus for the creation of the new Defender, which will be pitched as a premium product and priced as such. The car, which is understood to be a definitive interpretation, proposed by a much more understated and refined look than the previous artists ‘ impressions.

“We need to stop thinking about the function in a permanent way,” said McGovern Autocar Musikmesse in Frankfurt. “If you are buying into the brand, you can buy a premium product.”

This decision is made the brand a clear design shift for the new Defender away from the original and, as such, it will not be a retro-style, reinterpretation of the classical model in the way that other post-war icons such as the Mini, Fiat 500 and VW beetle have been re-invented.

Although the design does not contain more than a few nods to the original, the new car’s function is beyond doubt. In fact, the new Defender is the most high-tech Land Rover is not to be set. It is a complete and updated suite of off-road technology is based on the Terrain Response II system that surpasses the tech offered on the new Discovery model introduced this year.

Land Rover is aiming the new Defender will be designed and developed to the type of ground clearance and approach, departure and break-over angles, which will give it the class-leading off-road performance and agility.

The crucial balance of trade, Land Rover works, is responsive to the warranty of the car, both for hardcore off-road enthusiasts who will use it as intended, and a wider, more General audience, who it is to more typical daily use. The whole premise of the brand is based on the credibility of its off-road message – a role that shrank the original Defender met many times on the marketing level, as well as sales. While models such as the Evoque, and Velar, are, however, able to you, may not be to the approval of the purists in Land Rover’s eyes, the Defender definitely.

The company also has Defender a watchful eye on the plans of billionaire businessman Jim Ratcliffe, the idea of his own, rough and tough off-roaders, born out of the demise of the original. Despite the great abundance, the size and experience of JLR, the company is still looking to gazump Ratcliffe, beat him to the market and see how the company will be launching the true successor to the Defender.

A question hovering over the new Defender is, where it is produced. It is unlikely to be built in the UK, because the two JLR factories that make aluminum-bodied cars, in Solihull and Castle Bromwich, close to the capacity limit.

The company, the new plant is the discovery that the new Defender will be built in Slovakia (where closely related) as a favorite. But outsourcing your manufacturing is another option, with Magna in Austria has not yet confirmed the second JLR model to build next to the Jaguar E-pace.

What must beat the defender:


Mercedes will launch an updated version of its G-class (formerly G-wagon) in January 2018 at the Detroit motor show. Visually, the 1979 original, it remains true that, but a lighter structure and the latest engines bring it up-to-date.


It was received a facelift earlier this year, with new infotainment and a sharper looking exterior design. Under the spruced-up body, remains a frame chassis, the latest car to its ancestors, the route of 66 years.


The Land Rover series I was born in 1948 with the task, the Rover, afloat, during the difficult years of the post-war period.

Built within the boundaries of a material-the ratio of great Britain, the first generation of the rental car returned, with a Jeep-inspired chassis and a four-cylinder engine from the Rover P3 saloon.

The series, which I developed in the series II, which was then the series IIA, but it was the series III in 1971, which really stood the test of time. The Mk3 car design, the shape, most of us recognize today, and the range of engines grew to a total of four engines: borrowed from a four – cylinder gasoline engines, two Diesel and a range-topping V8, the Rover P6.

Meanwhile, the Defender as a place of a class-free animal-cum-fashionable SUV for sure, so much so that everyone, from the country-farmers to the Queen could be seen in one. Little surprise, then, that the last big update that was applied in the year 1991, a small evolution represented.

The Defender 90 and 110 (that is its wheelbase in inches) got a new interior and modern TD5 Turbo diesel engine, but the original series I have stayed with the formula of the simple robustness up to the last car (number 2,016,933) rolled off the production line in 2016.

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