In the event of war in Europe, Lithuania will be destroyed, said Zhirinovsky

VILNIUS, 4 Dec – RIA Novosti. In an exclusive interview with Sputnik Lithuania the candidate in presidents of Russia, the leader of the liberal democratic party Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that in case of war, the Baltic States fall into the risk area; but there is a solution: remove the NATO forces and adopt a neutral status.

According to Zhirinovsky, “the countries that will host a U.S. missile defense system, “in the case of large European war can be destroyed, because no one will want to came direct threat to Russia.”

LDPR leader believes that Russia could have warned about the possibility of attack in the territories, are ready to attack NATO troops.

“And the authorities of the Baltic countries, Poland, Ukraine themselves demand that they had placed more NATO troops. And there, where the troops, possible war. And in the event of war, of course, there are bombings and mutual destruction of opposing factions”, — said Zhirinovsky.

In his opinion, they put themselves at risk by posting on its site a large number of NATO troops, especially armored vehicles.

“It’s not defensive troops and offensive, and before they could be given the task of attacking Russia. Moreover, there is already conducted exercises, practiced the techniques of work with the Russian population,” — said the politician.

He concluded that NATO forces are working on specific plans for capture of Russian border territories.

“And after that they still want us to quietly looked at it”, — said Zhirinovsky.

The MP said that the Baltic countries, including Lithuania, you need to think what position to take. In his opinion, they should not have to “go to NATO”, and had to take their neutrality, as does Finland or Switzerland.

“In this case, they precisely threatens nothing”, — concluded Zhirinovsky.

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