In Ukraine came into force the law on providing housing for servicemen and their families

In Ukraine on 10 December of the current year entered into force the law of Ukraine No. 2181-VIII on providing housing for the families of the victims in the ATO. The earlier document was published in “Voice of Ukraine”.

The law provides that the Cabinet will govern the provision of housing or monetary compensation to the families of the victims, the dead or soldiers who went missing in the ATO. It is also about the people who provided the Antiterrorist operation.

According to the document, the rented housing is maintained more than six months, if the tenant was called up for military service during mobilization or in the special period. If you are wounded and are being treated at health facilities – until recovery, when released into captivity – to return. Also in these cases the housing is reserved for the family of a serviceman.

Conscripts and soldiers called up for military service during mobilization, for a special period may not be withdrawn from the account of the citizens needing improvement of housing conditions.

The government will determine the size and order of payments to military contractors for rental housing during the service, if they were not quartered in the barracks or family hostels.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law November 7, 243 votes. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed the document on December 6 of this year.