In Kiev, the driver flew into the barrier and tried to escape

In Kiev, about 00:45 on the Sevastopol area the accident occurred. Fortunately, has done without victims.

According to eyewitnesses, the VW went on Povitroflotskyi Avenue in the direction of the Sevastopol area and upon arrival on the circle has not coped with management, after which flew into the reinforced concrete fence. The driver got out, surveyed the damage, sat back and tried to leave, but the car had not gone. This Informant reports from the scene of the accident.

Witnesses of the accident say that the driver was drunk, but he refused to undergo alcohol test on the spot. At first he didn’t even acknowledged that you were driving, and after all began to say that the car is not his. But witnesses confirmed that the driver crashed the car he was the one.

In the end, the patrol took a report, and the driver was released, but without a car as it got towed. The consequences of the accident removed the utility.

We will remind that on December 11 at the Kiev highway, the truck collided with a BMW.