Women, who accused trump of sexual harassment, appeared on television

The white house called their statements “controversial in most cases”

Three women who previously accused the President of the United States Donald trump sexual harassment, today shared their experiences in the program of the NBC “Megyn Kelly Today”.

As the correspondent of “voice of America, women said that it is time for Congress to investigate the charges against the President of the charges, given the numerous sex scandals surrounding other influential men-Americans.

Rachel Crookes, who said that trump forcibly kissed her 12 years ago when she worked at the front Desk in a skyscraper Trump Tower in new York, urged Congress “to put aside party affiliation and investigate the history of sexual harassment by trump”.

After the program, the Crookes spoke at a press conference in new York along with two other onlinetechnical: Samantha of Halva, which States that in 2012, trump has gone uninvited to the dressing room of the pageant, where she was changing with the other women, and Jessica Leeds, who said that trump was harassing her on the plane in the 1970s.

The white house called the allegations “totally disputed in most cases,” adding that favorites time and the complete absurdity of these false statements speak volumes”.

One of onlineclinic (Rachel Crookes) called the White house statement as “ridiculous”.

During last year’s election campaign more than a dozen women have accused trump of sexual harassment, however, he denied the allegations and indecent utterances, found in the record from 2005, called “the usual male chatter”.

Press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders said on Monday: “We believe that the response to these allegations has already been received”, referring to the election results. “The American people realized this and voted for the President,” she added.

Obvinitel once again reminded of his once in recent months a number of prominent film personalities, politics, media and business were dismissed or forced to resign because of allegations of sexual harassment.

Crooks described the behaviour of the future President: “He repeatedly kissed me on the cheek and then in lips during the incident, which had influenced my life a long time later, making me doubt myself and feel his own insignificance. Unfortunately, given the fame of Mr. trump and the fact that he was a partner of my employer, the owner of the building, it seemed to me that there’s nothing I can do about it. Given this adverse situation at the workplace at the time, my only option was to try to avoid new encounters with him.”

Holvey said: “as a child I watched the contest “Miss America” every year and dreamed of one day becoming one of those beautiful, successful and incredibly confident women. These wanted never appeared male, vystraivanii us all in a row like products. They were not men, entering the dressing room when I’m sitting in a robe walking around us like we are his property. And certainly I never imagined that the same man will become President of the United States. Now I have a new dream: that man is held accountable for his actions and that future generations of women will be able to fulfill their dreams, without worrying that someone will treat them like beings of a lower order because they are women.”

Although trump insists that the charges are false, U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, appointed by the President, on Sunday said: “Women accusing anyone, need to be heard. You need to listen to them and understand their charges.”

Answering the question of whether the election trump that voters decided the issue, Haley said, “It’s up to the people. I know that he was elected, but women should always feel that they can speak out and we should all be ready to listen to them”.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, responding to the briefing on the question of whether the President shares the point of view of Hailey, said: “As said the President himself, he believes it is good that women dare to speak out. But he is convinced that mere accusations should not determine the course of the case. In this case, the President rejected all these accusations as the number of witnesses that confirmed his words. Again, the American people knew about this and voted for the President. And we believe that we are ready to move forward in this process.”