Primark removes “dangerous” candle

Jenny Ferneyhough

A photo of Primark candle bursting into flames went viral, after a mother-of-three took to Facebook to raise awareness of the potential danger.

Jenny Ferneyhough bought 5 € – candle that she developed in “massive flames” after an hour of burn – in Manchester, on Saturday.

The 33-year-old’s Facebook post has been shared 145 000 times.

Primark has said that it is to withdraw the product from sale and investigate the case.What is dangerous around decorations’

Ms. Ferneyhough, the Manchester city Council benefits officer, said she lit the candle in the form of a Christmas tree, after having put her three children to bed.

She said that the flame was spread from the wick to the entire candle in under an hour.

Jenny Ferneyhough

She said: “Obviously, everyone knows not to leave a flame unattended, but if you went to the toilet, a couple of seconds later, it would have burst into flames.

“If it [develops into] a huge flame when everything else is around him, it could be very dangerous.”

Speaking to the BBC, she added that she was particularly concerned about people lighting the candle “around neighbors decorations” during the holiday season.

Mrs. Ferneyhough sent the photos to Primark, which has responded to say that they were “very concerned” about the discovery.

The end of the Twitter post by @Primark

A company spokesman has since said that the product is withdrawn from sale, while the complaint is investigated “urgently”.

Mrs. Ferneyhough has said that it has been “reassured” by the magnitude of the response she has received to her post, less than 24 hours after the display of the image.

She added that the main reason for the sharing of the photos was to raise awareness of the potential problem with the spark plug, and to prevent people from lighting without supervision.

“My husband went into the Manchester store to take a photo of the packaging, and a mother and daughter have said that they had seen the photo I shared in the flames,” she added.