Klitschko checked how clean the capital from the snow

The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko on 10 December, rode through the city and without warning stopped at some of DEU. Work road Obolon district, the mayor was unhappy.

“Now in Obolonskyi DEU I saw this picture: special equipment, which needs to clean the road, stands in the yard. The tractors, which should eliminate pedestrian crossings, sidewalks, also standing. Say no tractor. Part of the equipment, as I said, is broken, although reported that it is ready for the winter season, – said Klitschko.

“Monday will hold a meeting, we will deal with this situation. Because what some of DEU is a technique that should clean up the streets, is unacceptable. We are now mobilizing all and by morning the city will be cleaned. But, nevertheless, we need to systematize the work in Kievavtodor to complaints were not“ – he said.

Recall that last night, according to the road, the streets of Kiev cleaned 313 units of special equipment.