Facebook: jokes ‘are no excuse for harassment

Stephen Lam

Facebook has published its internal harassment in the workplace-to help Directive, in part, to other companies, chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg said.

The political definitions of harassment apply to unwanted sexual advances, threats, insensitive jokes and allusions.

It States that there is no defense, a pass off an offensive comment as a joke, or blame the influence of alcohol.

He also says that harassment reports should be responded to within 24 hours.

A team will then, the allegations of check but is not responsible for the end result, which is fired by any action of the accused employees.

Facebook says it will also consider, an employee may be in violation of the Directive, even if their behavior is not against the law.

In the document, Facebook also areas that companies should take into account when developing their own policies, including:
if the members of the date of any other
what is an appropriate greeting
whether Manager the connection with your employees on social media should

“We need systemic, lasting change, the deterrence of bad behavior, and protect everyone,” Ms Sandberg wrote in a Facebook post.

She also added Facebook may not believe the policy was not “perfect”.

“The more organizations that can be open about their politics, the more we can all learn from each other,” she wrote.’Power’

Ms has called Sandberg, previously told experiences of sexual harassment during their career, starting with the hand on her leg during a meeting, to a man she had refused to have dinner with hammering on their hotel room door until you security.

“I don’t know, work for all these men,” she wrote.

“But in each of these situations, you have more strength than I have. This is not a coincidence. It is the reason why you felt free to cross the border.”