Banksy and Boyle’s stage ‘Alternativity’


The Director Danny Boyle has teamed up with Banksy to stage an alternative to the nativity play in the artist Bethlehem hotel.

The Alternativity was staged in the parking lot of the elusive artist’s croft Hotel, and the process was filmed for a BBC Two documentary.

A video on the hotel’s Facebook page showed local children singing Jingle Bells in the middle of a flurry of fake snow.

BBC two controller Patrick Holland said that the program would display a “challenging and provocative” version of the story.

The BBC said that the winner of the Oscar, the filmmaker agreed to Banksy the challenge of the stage of the action, despite not having met him.


The anonymous street artist opened The fenced-in Hotel in March, with the “worst view in the world” – alongside the controversial barrier that Israel has built in and around the occupied west bank.

The documentary about the performance, will be screened on BBC Two on Sunday and is said to follow Boyle overcoming the “restrictions” to find a cast, crew and the children, and to make the show in six weeks.

The performance took place on 3 December and was co-directed by Bethlehem-based Riham Isaac. Another video shows local children singing in Arabic, while rehearsing.

Banksy created a promotional image for the documentary, that shows a drone looking over the nativity scene.

It also launched two new works of art in advance of the event. One said: “Peace on Earth” next to a flickering of the star, which doubled as an asterisk. Then it was the same asterisk and the words “Terms and conditions apply”.

The other work was painted on the wall and showed two cherubs, angels trying to pry two panels apart with a rod of iron.

End of the post to Twitter by @RihamIsaac

Patrick Holland said: “it is brilliant for BBC Two to work with Danny Boyle, Banksy and the creative team, who together are doing this alternative of the nativity.

“It promises to be a challenging and provocative exploration of a history that speaks to young and old alike.”

Boyle won an Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire, and also arranged for the London 2012 Olympic games opening ceremony.

The performance follows a satire of party in the street Banksy launched in November to apologise for the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which expressed the British government’s support of a national home of the jews in Palestine, paving the way for decades of conflict.

The party was gatecrashed by the Palestinians who said no, as the use of flags British or the manner in which Palestinian children were being used.

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