African Patriarch predicts a great future Orthodoxy on the continent

Moscow. 5 Dec. INTERFAX – Patriarch of Alexandria and all Africa, Theodoros II believes that the Orthodox faith has great prospects on the African continent.

“I foresee that in the future at some point, Christianity on African soil will find a very great force,” he said on Tuesday at a meeting with Patriarch Kirill in Moscow.

According to Patriarch Theodore II, Orthodoxy is being reborn in Africa. “I honestly didn’t expect, and every day I witness a new miracles” – he admitted.

Theodore II noted that it is currently undergoing a huge change in Zimbabwe, Nairobi, and Tanzania formed the Archdiocese, which unites five countries.

“My life in Africa makes me look far forward. (…) As the Lord gave the apostles the commandment to go preach into all the world and I feel that I have taken on the mission of preaching the word of God. No matter how difficult I had to, I have confidence that the Lord will not leave us,” – said the Primate of the African.

The Alexandrian Church is the Autocephalous local Church, which, according to legend, was founded by the Apostle mark. Takes the second place in the diptychs of the Autocephalous Orthodox churches of the world, its parishes operate in 54 countries. Canonical territory of the Patriarchate of Alexandria is Africa and the adjacent Islands.