Saudi Arabia removes the 35-year-old ban on cinemas

Riyadh. 11 Dec. INTERFAX – Saudi Arabia shoots 35-year-old ban on cinemas in the framework of the growing power of social reforms, the newspaper “Financial Times”.

On Monday, the authorities decided to start issuing licenses for the management of the theaters, including commercial operators.

The first cinema, expected to open in March 2018, said the Minister of information and culture of Saudi Arabia Awwad Alawwad.

“This is a turning point in the development of the economy of the cultural sector, – stated in the message published by A. Alavados. – Opening of the cinema will serve as a catalyst for economic growth and diversification”.

Cinemas in Saudi Arabia was banned from the early 1980’s, when the country experienced a tightening of Islamic prohibitions.

The statement of A. Alawad States that the lifting of the ban on cinemas is part of the program of social and economic reforms implemented by Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Among other social reforms announced in Saudi Arabia for the last time, the lifting of the ban on driving by women.

According to estimates by the Saudi government, by 2030 the country will be open around 300 cinemas and more than 2 thousand rooms. This will create 30 thousand jobs and contribute to GDP of $24 billion, predicts the country’s authorities.