How to promote your local business on Instagram

The account name and user name

For settings go to edit profile.

The user name is a nickname within the social network. It may consist of Latin letters, digits, dots and underscores. The right solution for local business — write name of the institution:

The name of the account — information that appears above the profile description. Valid Cyrillic. These data are considered by the search algorithm, so it will be useful to specify the type of institution and perhaps the city:

Description of the account

Great place to have a USP (unique selling proposition) of the company. After reading this, the client should understand why the selected institution is better than the other. You can register here condition new stock. Sometimes one sentence is enough to highlight the main advantage:


Phone and email are the required parameters for each business account. To specify the contacts you want to connect your profile in this social network page on Facebook:

1. Find the function “switch to company profile” in the settings of Instagram:

2. Select or create a page on Facebook to which you want to attach the account:

Specify contacts for connection to edit the profile. You need to select the section “communication” under “Information about us”. For local businesses fill in all available fields:

The address will be displayed under the description of the profile:

How to find target audience for a particular city

You should know at least approximate the criteria for your target audience. For example, age, social status, gender. With this information, proceed to search for matching these parameters within the desired city.

You can use: Search by places

In the standard search tool Instagram is the “Places” tab. To gather accounts of the target audience, you just need to enter the name of the city in the search box and select this menu item:

After selecting the desired location the list of the most popular publications (number of responses) and relevant posts (by date):

Search accounts

You have to press the search button in the bottom menu, choose the tab “People” and enter the desired city into the search bar:

The results will appear in the accounts, where there is publication need mark the settlement. Many users of Instagram show the city in the profile description. The search algorithm takes into account this parameter. Hashtag search

Simply change the ‘People’ tab on the Tags:

What to do with the collected audience Targeted advertising

A good way to promote the new business profile of local companies and to attract customers. In setting up paid advertising, you specify a particular parameter, the location of the target audience. Promopost will appear to specific people in a specific region.

We use this method to promote the living master-classes in specific cities. For example, right now Odessa, included in our target audience, see in your feed this video: Promotions and special conditions

A sure way to attract customers for paid advertising and for ordinary posts in Instagram account. Subscribers always see publish in the ribbon and learn about current events. In modern conditions it works much better than, for example, the distribution of flyers on the streets. The target audience is much more (with the right promotion account) and the costs of customer acquisition are reduced.