Newspaper Kyiv Post publishes an article about the activities of Manafort in Ukraine

The judiciary the United States consider the publication of a parole violation of Manafort bail

Ukrainian newspaper publishes an article about the work of Paul Manafort in this country. According to Federal investigative bodies, Manafort participated in writing the article, thereby violating the conditions of bail. This was announced on Thursday chief editor Brian Bonner.

An article on Monday filed an English-language newspaper Kyiv Post, Oleg Voloshin, who worked as an official representative of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych.

The Grand jury in October indicted Manafort and his business partner Rick gates in the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller about Russian interference in the presidential elections of 2016.

Among Manafort brought the charges – conspiracy to commit money laundering and failure to register as a foreign agent in connection with the work on the government of Yanukovych, who was ousted in 2014.

According to Bonner, Voloshin said that he wrote the article himself, and before you submit it for publication, sent her to check the facts in Manafort and his old Russian colleague Konstantin Kilimnik.

As stated by Bonner, the article will be published soon in the newspaper with the comment editor.

“The author openly supports Manafort and evaluates its activities, does not coincide with the opinion of most people and contrary to reports about its work in Ukraine, – said Bonner, commenting on the situation in the email. – We haven’t published an article, but we do it because we have already contacted Voloshin, and he confirmed his authorship”.

Voloshin said that until you can give comments, but intends to do so later on Thursday.

On Monday, the team Mueller appealed to the district court for the district of Columbia, stating that Manafort in fact, personally participated in writing the article. According to prosecutors, in the case of publication of material violates a court ruling of November 8, prohibiting Manafort to do in public or in the media any statements that could be interpreted as an attempt to influence the perception of the case.

The official representative of Manafort Jason Maloney refused to comment on the situation, as the representative of Mueller.

In documents filed in court, contains the following note: “on the Evening of 30 November the authorities informed the defense about the actions of the defendant, in response received assurances that measures will be taken to prevent the publication of the article”.

The prosecution insisted that the judge must dismiss the petition of Manafort on removal of conditions of bail – house arrest and electronic monitoring.

Lawyers Manafort until Thursday have to prove that their client did not violate a court order of 8 November.