Super-luxury Range Rover two-door coupe under consideration

Land Rover is considering another entry in the burgeoning super-luxury SUV market, with design boss Gerry McGovern, suggesting that an exclusive two-door, SVO-built Range Rover may be on the way.

Report from confirm that, when asked about the brand’s intentions for the segment, McGovern said: “Watch this space. I can’t say when, or what, but there are opportunities. We tried it with the Range Rover that there are opportunities to provide derivations of these vehicles, in order to offer them a way to bring something new to the market.”

The brand has also patented the Range Hurricane name at the beginning of this year; the Range of the original Hurricane was a concept revealed at the Detroit motor show in 2004 as a muscular two-door prelude, the Range Rover Sport, which has entered production the following year.

Land Rover has a history of two-door models. Currently sells the two-door Range Rover Evoque and Evoque Cabrio, while the original Range Rover was produced in two-doors. There was also the limited edition Range Rover CSK, which pays tribute to Charles Spencer King, the car’s original designer.

McGovern mentioned SVO involved in the project, saying: “The good thing with SVO is that it is a self-funding enterprise, so that there are opportunities within the SVO, which does not necessarily have to be mainstream and of small volume [vehicles] lend themselves beautifully. A limited-edition model that pays for itself (and makes JLR profit) is much easier to create a business case”.

Promote the exclusivity aspect of the model, McGovern alluded to the two-door models is now relatively small, when compared with their five-door counterparts as the auto industry moves from a less practical and more slow-selling two-door.

A two-door Range Rover would certainly be exclusive – the super-luxury SUV market is currently not contains two ports, while the recent introduction of the Lamborghini Urus similar to a coupe, the closest, despite having five doors. The Bentley Bentayga and Rolls-Royce Cullinan both have five doors, while no specifics are yet known for the next Ferrari SUV.

The new model would be probably sitting at the top of the Range Rover line-up, higher than even the extended wheelbase Range Rover SVAutobiography, which fills up the range of £167,850. The exclusivity of the Range Hurricane could push the model, the price of 200,000 € or more.

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