Included in Black sea us destroyer sent to Odessa

MOSCOW, 27 Nov — RIA Novosti. American destroyer USS James E. Williams arrived in the Black sea and sent to the port of Odessa, according to the website of the naval Institute, States with reference to the representative of the Navy.

On the website it is noted that at weekends the destroyer of the “Arleigh Burke” passed through the Bosphorus.

USS James E. Williams came out of the home port in Norfolk, Virginia on may 23. It is expected that the destroyer will return to the homeport Norfolk for Christmas.

Informed about the appearance in the Black sea American destroyers the Turkish spotters that publish data about the movement of warships through the Bosporus.

The destroyers of the “Arleigh Burke”, to which James E. Williams, are armed with two launchers system “aegis”, which allow you to carry up to 56 cruise missiles “Tomahawk”, equipped with nuclear warheads. Also aboard the ship is the helicopter SH-60 Seahawk. The crew of the destroyers of this type is 337 people.