In Kiev, clashes broke out between police and protesters

KYIV, Nov 21 — RIA Novosti. Clashes between police and protesters on the anniversary of the events of “euromaidan” in 2014 occurred in the center of Kiev, to be broadcast that on Tuesday of leading Ukrainian TV channel NewsOne.

The meeting with the participation of several hundred people on the occasion of the anniversary of the events on the Maidan is in the center of Kiev. The protesters had set up two tourist tents and said they intend to wait for the report of the President of Ukraine on investigation of mass riots in the center of Kiev in 2014.

They asked police officers who are also at the meeting, to leave the action and not to disturb them rally. After that, several dozen protesters tried to push back police, with the result that there was a small fight.

At the moment the situation has stabilized, the clashes stopped, but the police remain at the rally.