Admiral: Russian rescuers for the search results “San Juan”

MOSCOW, November 28 — RIA Novosti. Russian rescuers, which was released on the Argentine Corvette in the search area of the submarine “San Juan”, will be expected to detect submarines; only then they will be able to proceed deep-sea work, said RIA Novosti on Tuesday, former commander of the Baltic fleet (2001-2006) Admiral Vladimir Valuev.

Earlier Tuesday, the correspondent of RIA Novosti said that the Corvette Robinson Navy of Argentina with Russian specialists on Board headed to the search area for a missing submarine “San Juan”. The ship left the port of Comodoro Rivadavia. The Russian group was composed of the commander and operators of underwater vehicle “Pantera Plus”, the divers-glubokovodnye and a diving doctor. It was headed by the head of the Institute of rescue and undersea technologies for Military training and research center of the Navy of Russia Sergey Bashmakov. In search of submarines also entered the Norwegian ship Sophie Siem.

“Russian specialists have a great experience. But they must come to the already found object, classified as submarine. Then they are using submersibles examine the object, to clarify the classification and will start work”, — said Valuev.

He noted that the primary search currently conducted by airplanes and vessels with special radar equipment; “if you continue such a need, it will strengthen the Oceanographic research vessel (OIC), “amber”, which will come in the appointed area in a week.” “Now our rescuers went out on a ship of the Navy of Argentina to the search area. But while the initial discovery of the submarine is not going to happen the meaning of their presence there is an expectation of increased readiness for secondary classification and survey of the found object”, — concluded the Russian Admiral.

Earlier, the representative of the Navy of Argentina Enrique Balbi said that OIC “amber” of the Russian Navy, on Board there are special deep-sea manned and Autonomous underwater vehicles with a diving depth of about 6 thousand meters, will arrive in the search area for a missing submarine on 5 December.

Submarine of the Navy of Argentina “San Juan” has ceased to leave on communication, November 15 at the transition from the naval base Ushuaia to Mar del Plata. At the time of the last communication session on Board were 44 people, including the first ever Argentinean woman-submariner Eliana Maria Krawczyk. The representative of the Navy Enrique Balbi said earlier about a single explosion, which can be associated with the disappearance of the “San Juan”.