Volkswagen start-up produced the world’s first ride-sharing-car

Volkswagen group-start-up-Moia, the world’s first purpose-built ride-sharing vehicle, to be introduced has produced, to the streets of Hamburg in the next year.

The all-electric, six-seater, in order to kick-start a ride-sharing culture, the Volkswagen can remove claims one million cars from European and US-American streets of the city until 2025.

“We started with the vision to improve the partnership with the cities, the efficiency on the roads,” said Moia CEO Ole Harms. “We want a solution for the typical transport, the cities, such as traffic, air and noise pollution and lack of space, and at the same time help you achieve sustainability objectives.”

The new vehicle, exclusively for ride-sharing, which includes stand-alone seats and the interior focuses on space. Seats are equipped with dimmable reading lamp and USB ports, while wifi is available.

The car has a range of 186 miles and can be charged to 80% in 30 minutes.

Berlin Moia, a 100% daughter company of the VW group, said his model was developed in 10 months – a record for a brand within the group.

Moia model comes at a time when the demand for urban transport solutions is growing quickly. Fisker also is producing, the train, the streets in China starting in October 2018. The car is a pod, is completely Autonomous and is ready to make it to the UK, ” as soon as someone orders it,” the boss brand, Henrik Fisker, told Autocar.

Swedish start-up Uniti, discloses an electric city car this week, that your compant., the claim of “inventing the modern city car”. The Autonomous-enabled model will feature the advanced head-up display technology and can be controlled electronically, rather than with switches and levers.