Sands plans TFR to check the version of the ritual murder of the Royal family: “It’s not a question of our agenda”

Moscow. 29 Nov. INTERFAX – the Kremlin has declined to comment in connection with reports that the RF IC is going to check whether the execution of the Royal family ritual murder.

“It’s not a question of our agenda,” – said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

27 November, the Secretary of the Patriarchal Commission for “the Ekaterinburg remains” Bishop Tikhon Shevkunov said that many members of the Church Commission remains convinced that the murder of the Royal family was a ritual. “We have the most serious attention to the version of ritual murder. A significant part of the Church Commission, there is no doubt that this murder was a ritual” he said at a scientific conference in Moscow.

Earlier at the same event the senior investigator for particularly important cases of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Marina Molodtsova has informed that SK the Russian Federation “plans to appoint a psycho-historical legal expertise to resolve the issue including possible ritual nature of the murder of the Royal family”.

Meanwhile, the speaker of the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia Borukh Gorin expressed extreme concern in connection with the recent conversations about the ritual murder of the Royal family.

“To us it seems an absolute absurdity for a number of reasons. We as a Jewish community, it is shocking in the first place not only because of the absurdity of such assumptions,” – said Boris Gorin on Tuesday to “Interfax-Religion”.

He noted that “the myths about the existence of ritual murders are related to different cults and religions”, but in Russian history and in the history around the Royal family and passing a few years before this “Beilis case” is “absolutely anti-Semitic myth, who used anti-Semitic propaganda for several decades,” and that is why the Jews refer to this with great concern. “The absurdity is, in our opinion, it is obvious, because the killers were committed atheists, people of betraying any belief in any power other than “his own hand”, – said the speaker of the FJC.

“In a hundred years to hear the combination of “ritual murder” from the mouth of the investigator of the Investigative Committee, and then senior hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church is, of course, absolutely scary,” said Boris Gorin.