“House of innovation” held a round table on “Science, business, innovation. Who’s in charge?”

Public Union “Ukrainian Forum of partnership” in the framework of the project “House of innovation” on November 6 we held a round table on “Science, business, innovation. Who’s in charge?”.

According to the initiator of the project “House of innovation” and patron Igor Yankovsky, many scientists and innovators to successfully execute their plans need a place where they can talk about their projects, share ideas and start-UPS.

“My main idea is that all representatives of science, business, innovation, States need to communicate more. So came the idea of creating a “House of innovations” where researchers and innovators can present their projects, ideas, developments, and like other businessmen, if I was interested, will be able to invest money in it. That is, we can be helpful to each other,” said businessman and initiator of the “House of innovation” Igor Yankovsky.

Founder and managing partner of “AVentures Capital”, head of the Supervisory Board UVCA Andrey Kolodyuk believes that any innovative development must prove its value to the business. In his opinion, is necessary to hold a hackathon that will allow developers to show them how innovative design affects the success or the competitiveness of the final product.

The head of the sociological group “Rating” Alexey antipovich reported the results of a recent unique studies conducted for the “House of innovation”. According to the study, the majority of Ukrainian scientists dissatisfied with the level of income and the financing of their studies. But only a third yourself trying to find funding through grants or investment. He also noted that only 45% involved in science popularisation.