Election of the President of the football Federation of Kiev did not take place

The reorganization of the public organisation football Federation of Kyiv in the public Union and the election of the President of the Union, which was scheduled for December 1, was not held. The delegates of the Extraordinary conference of the FPC collective members of the Federation (representatives of clubs, local football associations and the youth Academy) did not support the decision on reorganization (67 votes required at 72), as not received from the leadership of the Federation comprehensive information about its financial and economic activities for 2015-2017.

This was told reporters two of the three candidates for the post of leader of the Kiev city football famous player and coach Vladislav Vashchuk and public figure and a sports Manager Sergey Kharchenko.

“The absence of such data poses a threat to the false formation and the subsequent approval of the transfer act, according to which all property and means of FPC are transmitted to a successor organization and the adoption of which is mandatory for the completion of the reorganization FPC“, – said the candidate.

With the requirement to provide detailed information on the financial and economic activities of the football Federation of Kiev the member of the FPC addressed at the stage of preparation of the special conference. A corresponding letter is also endorsed two candidates for the presidency of the Federation Vladislav Vashchuk and Serhiy Kharchenko, who publicly expressed their suspicions about possible financial abuse by the leadership of FPC. However, the Chairman of the reorganization Commission and chief accountant of the organization refused to provide for verification of primary accounting documents, reported to the Conference delegates.

In addition, judging by the contents of the financial report of the Kyiv organization, the payment of financial assistance to its employees can lead to loss of status of non-profit organizations. There are also suspicions of misuse of funds provided by the football Federation of Ukraine, the authorized activities of FFK.

These facts caused the failure of the delegates of the Conference to support the reorganization of Public organisation football Federation of Kyiv in the Public Union, the football Federation of Kyiv. Therefore, the corresponding solution has not received enough votes.

Not approving of the agenda item on restructuring the conference could not proceed with consideration of the following issues on the agenda, including for the election of the head of the organization, what the participants of the meeting said the Director of the legal Department of FFU Igor Grishchenko, referring to the relevant legal provisions.