MEP harms called for a boycott of the 2018 world Cup in Russia

The Deputy of Parliament from party “green” Rebecca harms urged politicians and ordinary viewers to boycott the world Cup in Russia. She stated this in an interview with the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung writes

According to harms, Russia – not the country in which it is worth organizing such a tournament. The politician noted that the Russian President Vladimir Putin “gets too much attention” thanks to the world championship.

“He bathes in the glory in the presence of international guests and continues to pursue its anti-democratic policy,” added harms and recalled Russia’s intervention in Ukraine and Syria.

She also criticized the attitude of Russia to the opposition and minorities. Rebecca harms called a “model” act the former President of Germany Joachim gauck, who refused to attend the winter Olympic games in Sochi in 2014.

“His example should be followed by next year during the world Cup,” added harms.

The politician also criticized the International Federation of football associations (FIFA), because she ignored the accusations of Russian corruption and doping and has not listened to calls to move the championship to another country.

25 Nov informer world anti-doping Agency (WADA) Grigory Rodchenkov said he was willing to give FIFA new data on the use of doping Russian players.

As you know, team Russia has ceased to occupy the first place in the overall standings at the winter Olympics 2014 held in Sochi. This happened after the international Olympic Committee disqualified several Russian athletes.