Metropolitan Onufry said the Episcopal Cathedral of deteriorating relations with Greek Catholics in Western Ukraine

Moscow. 30 Nov. INTERFAX – Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine Onufry, speaking at the bishops ‘ Council in Moscow, said the worsening of the religious situation in the Ivano-Frankivsk diocese and told about the abuse by representatives of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church.

“In the video published by the Ivano-Frankivsk diocese, recorded that our members were insulted and even beaten. One of the active organizers of the iniquities of the chaplain of the UGCC Nicholas Medina struck Orthodox punches, calling the faithful of our Church “biomass” and “Moscow pigs” – he said Thursday during his report.

These insults sounded on October 22, when unknown persons in Balaclava, using brute force, not given to the parishioners of the Annunciation Church to come to their temple and to serve there for a prayer service, although the October 4, Ivano-Frankivsk district administrative court acquitted the community of believers of the Moscow Patriarchate, setting the fact of legality of the use of the Annunciation Church community.

According to the Metropolitan, several Ukrainian churches are experiencing the same tragedy.

He reminded that the attempts being made to seize churches of the UOC community on the part of Greek Catholics with the use of brute force began in Ivano-Frankivsk diocese from October 2017.

“Despite this, the episcopate, clergy and faithful of our Church in all troubled regions continue to keep the purity of the Holy Orthodox faith and stand on the truly Evangelical position is not to return evil for evil,” – concluded the Ukrainian hierarchy.